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Take Me to Paradise with Sorina by Florin Ghenea

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See the full editorial in our 6’th edition of BeGudd Magazine.



She hustles like a man, and always striving for more. Sociable and passionate, fashionable, and classy at the same time, please give me the absolute pleasure to introduce to you to the seductress Sorina. Are you an intelligent man who likes the finer things in life? Because that for sure is her type, engage with her in passionate verbal foreplay and discuss the books of Oscar Wilde, or maybe put in play an erotic novel that she likes.

Either way, she is worth it, this woman will put you first and make a long-lasting impression.  She would love to visit Singapore, and Dubai has a special place in her heart. Just picture this: you and her in the busy food markets of Singapore, enjoying her two favorite flavors: sweet and spicy, combined. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s get down to business – horizontal, that is. Her favorite sport is sex and her favorite hobby is: drumrolls…sex! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? You look a little flustered. She is a rare type of woman, no wonder her favorite flower is the Cattleya orchid, one of the rarest orchids in the world. So, an elegant evening at the theater, a lazy summer day on the beach or a marathon of her favorite sport: whichever you choose, she is sure to keep you on your toes!



The lovely Sorina was photographed by Florin Ghenea, in a spontaneous photo shoot. They chose the outfit and the overall vibe together.  Sorina and Florin are good friends, so the atmosphere at the photo shooting was relaxed and fun.





Photographer: Florin Ghenea | @florin.ghenea
Model: Sorina Magarita