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Late Night Thoughts with Roxana Dragomir by Catalin Muntean



Love to be dominated by a woman? If so, you came to the right place as the looks and attitude of our model, Roxana Dragomir, will enslave you. Both tough and sweet, Roxana has all it takes to conquer your heart and also smash it to the ground in a mix of highly sensual photos we took of her during a late night.

We all have fulltime jobs and our daytime is consumed by our worries but at night… we are all alone with our thoughts… our late night thoughts… What should you think of? Our suggestion is to virtually step into our photo studio and “watch” through the pictures we show you exactly what we saw when Roxana started to pose.

Big, full, kissable lips… Long legs… Dark hair running on her back… Roxana is a show herself… When we paid attention to her lips, she instantly reminded us of the hot, sexy Angelina Jolie how mesmerized all this planet with her gorgeous lips. Wouldn’t you kiss them? We know we would surely do…

Partially covered in tattoos, Roxana gave us the impression she loves only to dominate men. Surprise, surprise my friend. She appeared on the set wearing a white bodysuit that left her long legs exposed so that we had to capture them in some incredible photos. She laid on her back on a vintage couch and spread her legs wide open. Our imagination burst into thousands of naughty thoughts, we have to admit that…

Luckily for you, we have photos to show you!



See the full pictorial in our third issue of BeGudd Magazine.




We further moved on to another lingerie, this time Roxana came back to the set wearing seethrough black lace bra and panties. We began to sweat a bit, I must confess that… Her body was somehow magnetic for our eyes and we saw a lot of beautiful women.

The next surprise was another outfit, black pantyhose, and a sexy bra. Her attitude made everything even sexier. Slightly open mouth and pulling her pantyhose up… that was an image we fell in love with… What can we say about the time Roxana gave up on her bra and posed topless? We took an awesome set of sexy photos we really love. Her perfectly rounded breasts were enough to make us have naughty thoughts.

The other side of Roxana, the one who loves to dominate men, was perfectly portrayed by a photo series in which she was dressed in a black leather suspender girdle and had an also black leather bra already cut up in the breasts area. Her long legs were emphasized by the long leather boots who got attached to the suspender girdle. What an image… Her arrogant attitude completed the picture…

These were truly some hot, sexy late nite thoughts that we took back home with us…








Photography by Catalin Muntean | @airman.production |

Model: Roxana Dragomir | @rxyroxy