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Jeane von Dee romanian model hot sexy erotic nude jeans fitness begudd magazine cover model story

BeGudd - Glamourous and Erotic Magazine / Hot, Fresh and Free.

Cover Story with Jeane von Dee by Catalin Muntean

Jeane von Dee romanian model hot sexy erotic nude jeans fitness begudd magazine cover model story


See the full pictorial and interview in our first issue of BeGudd Magazine.



BeGudd: Well…that was one hot photoshoot, I had to manually close my jaw a few times and I am a straight woman. I was watching you and trying to compose an interview, let me tell you it was not easy. So now that I have embarrassed myself enough, should we start?

JVD: (laughs loudly) Thank you! Sure, ready when you are.

BeGudd: You are the cover girl for the first edition of BeGudd, how does this make you feel?

JVD: I feel honored and delighted that I was chosen to be on the very first cover of the magazine. I wasn’t expecting it and it was a really nice surprise.

BeGudd: Alright, before we hit start on the more steamy questions tell us a little bit about yourself.

JVD: Hmm…I could tell you three of the most important things about me and the ones that really matter: I am sensitive and hot-headed at the same time, I am very honest, sometimes too honest that’s why my circle of friends is small and the last but not least, I am a strong and ambitious person when it comes to my personal goals.

BeGudd: I don’t want this to be a shallow interview but wow, you look amazing! What is your secret?

JVD: Thank you! Fortunately, it’s more genetics than work, yes I know I am one of those girls (laughs nervously) but at the same time, I am careful about what I eat. I gave up meat for a while now and I feel great. I also go to the gym but I can’t say I am “gym-addict”.

BeGudd: So, are you ready for something spicier?

JVD: I thought you would never ask! (laughs loudly)

BeGudd:  Leather or lace, whipped cream, or chocolate?

JVD: Leather for sure and I don’t like chocolate so I will choose whipped cream.

BeGudd: Sex on the beach or sex on a plane? Both risque if you ask me!

JVD: Not a fan of flying, so sex on the beach is much more appealing to me.

BeGudd: Your partner comes home and he finds you waiting for him….?

JVD: Naked! (giggling as she plays with her hair and blushes slightly)

BeGudd: Uh…it’s getting hot in here, someone please open a window! Do you have a fantasy that you can share with us?

JVD: One of my fantasies would be sex wherever, whenever. Yes exactly, sounds funny but sex in public places or spontaneous sex, for example at a restaurant between the second course and dessert would be great. You just have to be lucky to find the right partner who is on the same page as you.

BeGudd: Last question, very essential, what makes you (Be)Gudd?

JVD: What makes me (Be)Gudd….hmmm…I think it’s the pleasure with which I embrace my sexuality in the most pleasant ways for me and for those around me. I like to tease and drive my partner crazy and also I feel like sex is an art. Sex and relationships are like couture: if not perfect, they’re a disaster!






Photography by Catalin Muntean

Model: Jeane von Dee

Styling by Ionut Dimache.