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begudd glamour photography workshop bucharest timisoara catalin muntean jeanine cursuri de fotografie

BeGudd - Glamourous and Erotic Magazine / Hot, Fresh and Free.

Introducing BeGudd Photography Workshops

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begudd glamour photography workshop bucharest timisoara catalin muntean jeanine cursuri de fotografie


Sugar, spice and everything nice.

Tempting? How about sexy, sensual and…insanely #gudd. Be Gudd.

This is going to be our next step in this industry and we are so excited to share the news with you.

BeGudd is going global. As soon as the actual worldwide context caused by the COVID 19 pandemic allows us, we are going to organize a series of glamour-erotic photography workshops that have the mission to propel passionate and enthusiastic photographers into the field. This theoretical and technical training is specially designed to give you all the tools you need to be a #rockstar for this genre. And shall we mention that every workshop practice includes a #hot professional muse? 😉

Our main goal? Growing a community of dedicated people who love photography and sexuality both packed in relevant pieces of information and high-quality products.

BeGudd Workshops started in Romania with the guidance of BeGudd’s photographer and creative director, Catalin Muntean, an artist with extensive experience in the field of glamor photography and beyond. He believes that time has come for him to pass on his knowledge gained over 13 years of activity. Together with George Sipica, a determined photographer with an extraordinary passion for beauty we design top-notch workshops for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of skill.

We have planned workshops for intermediate and advanced as well as beginner skills so if you’re ready for awesome events held in the most exquisite places, waste no more time and join Catalin. For the moment the workshops are available for the cities of Bucharest and Timisoara, but this will change shortly in a national and international endeavor.



To give you a clearer vision of how things went so far during the workshops, here are some info goodies:

1st. workshop

Theme: Commercial-erotic photography

Level: Intermediate

Place: Bucharest

Brief: 1 mentor, 10 attendees and a complex study of light, framing, communication with the model and launching on the market.

2nd workshop

Theme: Theoretical glamor workshop + glamor editing in photoshop

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Place: Timisoara

Brief: 1 mentor, 12 attendees and a workshop session dedicated to glamour photography with the main focus on techniques, features, marketing and an explanatory demonstration of high-end processing in Photoshop.

3rd workshop

Theme: Glamour photography – studio light case study

Level: Advanced

Place: Bucharest

Brief: 1 mentor, 10 attendees and a workshop based on the study of studio light, the creative use of color filters (color gels), posing and marketing.

Focus points:

Proper use of the camera

Shooting technique

Framing and composition

Communication with the model

Specific characteristics to the glamorous and erotic genre

How we choose the team and the styling

Creating a portfolio to attract customers

High-end image processing in Photoshop







Team which makes the dream work

Model: Jeaneen @jeaaneen

Guiding photographer: Catalin Muntean @ airman.production

First assistant: George Sipica @sgl_photography

Make-Up: Tania Maxim (Christmas) @_tania_creciun_

Making of: George Sipica @ sgl_photography

Video: Alex Muntean @mrgraal