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In da Club with Ioana Filimon by Stelian Popa



Aclub journey you’ll never forget… This is not a place for good guys… We’re talking about hot, dark, sexy photos that Stelian Popa took to the gorgeous Ioana Filimon. Imagine some scenes similar to those you saw in the Sin City movie. It’s late in the night and you’re cold and lonely. You stumble upon a club, on a dark alley. You get in… not knowing you were in for one huge, but damn sexy surprise.

Loud music can be heard in the background but your eyes set their target on the beautiful Ioana Filimon. She silently shows you to follow her while she’s going up the stairs. She is topless but she doesn’t show you everything. Instead, she allows you to see her perfectly rounded butt cheeks, covered only by a black fishnet pantyhose.




See the full pictorial in our third issue of BeGudd Magazine.




She tells you to wait for her while she changes into something else… You didn’t probably set your hands on a book for a long time but Ioana will surely grow your interest in books after appearing only wearing a black men jacket, completed by a small black tie around her neck… While she moves next to the bookshelves, you can peep at her perfect breasts coming out from the jacket. She caught you staring… she shows you that by gently lifting up her librarian eyeglasses…

You think you’re in trouble but the music suddenly stops and Ioana Filimon tells you just this: “It’s fine, don’t worry… you’re in da club!”

Thank you for joining our little imaginary game! Stay tuned as there’s more to come!






Photography by Stelian Popa | @stelianpopa
Model: Ioana Filimon | @ioana_filimon
Make-up by Melissa Glisten | @melissa_glisten
Location: Bound Club, Bucharest, RO