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begudd magazine feature submission



Here at BeGudd we are always open for new collaborations. To be featured in our magazine and on our website, send us a preview of your pictorial proposal using the form below and we will get back to you shortly with further details. If you’re a videographer just send us the link to your sexy video.

We’re looking for beautiful female bodies transposed in an artistic way. A little accent of fashion can be the salt and pepper for your work. Check out our issues for a better idea of what our vision is.

However, we have some basic requirements:
1. The series you submit must have a minimum of 7 images.
2. The images must be in high resolution.
3. It must not contain visible watermarks.
4. Vulgar, porn, and over retouched images are not accepted.


PS: Your files are safe and private. After the review process, they will be deleted.


Submit your work now!