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Erotic Playground with Alexandra Bianca by Catalin Muntean




Playful? Sure, why not? Sexy? By all means, yeah! Alexandra Bianca invited us to her private space so that we may see another side of her.

Bianca is playful but sexy at the same time through her own personality. The way she looks, the way she plays with her hair… We surely love beautiful women but Bianca proved us that is not all about the looks but being sexy is also in the way you use your feminine advantages.

Her long, curly blonde hair running on her curved back made us think of the forever sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. In many ways, Bianca resembles Marilyn.

On the day of the photo shooting, Bianca received us in a white room, with white furniture and a large, also white, bed, where she showed us what being sexy, is all about. Dressed in a nude body, covered in a few places with some black flowers, her body was simply magnetic. Our camera loved her and the pictures you see here prove that!





See the full pictorial in our third issue of BeGudd Magazine.




Erotic doesn’t necessarily mean nudity… You can take erotic photos by simply allowing the model, in our case Alexandra Bianca, to be herself, relaxed, and in the perfect mood for posing… just like you let the waves on a lake move on, undisturbed, and just enjoy the moment!

After shooting a photo series with Alexandra in the nude bodysuit, we took a small break to have a coffee. We were in for a surprise from our host: a black bodysuit completed by a suspender belt… Of course, we instantly got back in the shooting mood and snapped a few awesome shots.

Bianca was waiting for us in her white canopy bed, wearing a bunny lace mask on her face. Doesn’t it lead you to think a bit at the PlayBoy bunny logo? We surely think so. A simple gesture she did, that of simply placing her hand on her neck completely changed our perception.

Mystery… Sexy lingerie… Hot body… This is, no doubt, a true Erotic Playground mastered by our sexy photo model Alexandra Bianca!






Photography by Catalin Muntean | @airman.production
Model: Alexandra Bianca | @bianca_alexandraaa
Styling by Lavine Jianu | @lavinejianu