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Artemis by Denis Savescu



God loves us men, that is why He created women! Answer to this question we always have on our minds: what can be more beautiful, exciting and interesting than a woman’s body?

Denis Savescu put up a photo series of black and white nude photos that tell exactly this: any woman is perfect! No fancy backgrounds, no expensive hotel room for the photoshoot; it’s all about body shapes!

Natural, round breasts and a silhouette that will help you have the sweetest dreams! The photographer’s talent was to capture the characteriscal shape of a woman’s body: the S shape or the hourglass shape, if you want. Named Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the moon and hunt, these photos are here to make us, men, realize: women are, indeed, perfect just the way they are! Indulge into this erotic and at the same time innocent photoshoot by Denis Savescu.





See the full pictorial in our third issue of BeGudd Magazine.







Photography by Denis Savescu (Timisoara, Ro.)